final portfolio submission

{[_:]} deals with a great many things, though none too well.

It may take ADD quite too literally, lacking in ‘a’rchitecture and ‘d’esign whilst overdosing on ‘d’iscourse. It may be about “subnature” as an other of architecture, or an other of weathering, or an other of nature (which itself is an other of architecture). It may be a clumsy attempt to address the neglected elements of dust, puddles, and weeds, elements ever-so-present in metropolitan areas like Manhattan.

It may consider various durations of time, from the seconds it takes to cross a street (methodically metered by beeping, flashing, crosswalk signs) to the timelessness of the sacred (artificed by an excess of time – timefulness). Perhaps this somehow reflects the temporality and permanence of memory, of death.

It may be about language on a very base level, about definitions and punctuations. It may be an attempt to create something new by returning to “dictionary” definitions. (“Isn’t a cenotaph a sphere?” – fellow 3rd-year students on hearing our first project brief).

It could be oversimplified into some “concept” of duality, of us and them, of ordinary men, of me and you (God only knows it’s not what we would choose to do). Indeed, the layout of this portfolio hardly helps to deny it.

Or it may be {[_:]} is just be about silly architectural project titles, fraught with punctuation…


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